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Unrivalled Protection for High-Speed Broadband Security!

  • Stay Ahead: Keep Up with the Latest Firmware Updates and Patches to Protect Your Device!

  • Improve Your Entry: Change the Default Login Credentials to Improve Device Security: Choose strong passwords that span 10 characters or more and include a combination of alphanumeric characters and special symbols. For best security, change passwords every 30 to 90 days.

  • Shield Your Router: Enable the Firewall Barrier to prevent unauthorised connections and protect the Router's configuration from potential intruders via the Wide Area Network (WAN) Interface.

  • Streamline Your Security: Getting Rid of Unwanted Services Like FTP, Telnet, UPnP, NTP, DDNS, and More Reduce the Router's Vulnerability by Turning Off Extra Services and Adhering to Best Practices for Enhanced Security.

  • Improve Data Privacy: Choose WPA2-AES Configuration to Protect Confidentiality: Avoid using WEP since it is not recommended for secure wireless communication.

  • Stay Under the Radar: Disable Network Identifier Broadcasting for the SSID. Create a Unique Name for the SSID: For increased security, stay away from default or predictable names.

  • Lock It Down: Strengthen Your Network Security by Deactivating the WPS Feature if Unused.

  • Filter with Precision: To strengthen network security, use MAC address filtering to only allow access to trusted devices.

  • Stay Vigilant: Monitor Upload and Download Traffic Daily, Addressing Any Suspicious Activity Right Away.

  • Capture the Clues: Activate Router Logging to Record Important Events and Regularly Review the Logs for Critical Information on Authentication, Intrusions, Probes, Attacks, and More to Capture the Clues.

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